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Song of the Seeing Being.
Whole Seeing & The Eyes Free to Go Apart Direction
Aikido Soft Eyes
Tom Brown Jr. & Splatter Vision
Seeing As If From Behind the Eyes
Looking Wide - Going Peripheral & Sports Greats
Exploring Headlessness with Douglas Harding
Carlos Castaneda & Soft Eyes
Yoga and Soft Eyes
Soft Eyes and Horseback Riding
Seeing with All the Senses as One Sense
To See As A Child
Out and Around Myself, H.D. Thoreau on Perception
About the Website Manager

Kitty's eye order

About the Website Manager

John Christianson has a passionate interest in exploring perception and connecting with nature. He resides with his wife, Marilyn, and their four cats, in southern Humboldt County in northern California. He may be reached at jvchristianson@asis.com/

Stevens Grove Humboldt Redwoods State Park


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