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J.Krishnamurti on Registering and Recording

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Throughout Krishnamurti's many years of talking with people throughout the world, again and again he asserted that a mind that is directly perceiving wholly is not registering nor recording.

"So my question is: is it possible -- please listen -- is it possible not to register? You understand? Because if I keep on registering all the time, the brain is always conditioning itself. I wonder if you understand this! If I am always acting within the field of knowledge - what I have learnt, what my experiences are and I am always acting within that limited area, the conditioning becomes stronger and stronger and stronger, which is what is happening with all of us. Right? And so one asks: is it possible not to register psychologically? You understand my question? This is a very, very serious question. Is there a part of the brain which is capable of not registering? You understand? If a human being is always operating within the field of the known, which is his conditioning, then the very activity of that produces greater volume of resistance. So we are asking a most fundamental question, not an idiosyncratic question, or a neurotic question: is it possible for a brain not to register at all? Is there a part, or is there a quality of the brain that understands the need of not registering?"1

"And then there is the art of learning, accumulating knowledge which means registering all the things that are necessary for skillful action, and non- registering any psychological responses, any psychological reactions so that the brain is employing itself where function, skill are necessary through knowledge and the brain is free not to register. Right? I wonder if you understand this. This is very arduous, this, to be so totally aware so that you only register what is necessary and not, absolutely not, register anything which is not necessary".2

1 Saanen 1976: July 13th

2Saanen 1977: July 14th

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