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Exploring Seeing with J. Krishnamurti
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"Nothing but changing our way of seeing and understanding the world can produce real, meaningful, and lasting change."

.."When enough people change the way they view things, then solutions become evident, often in ways we couldn't even imagine before we looked with new eyes."
Thom Hartman, (The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight)

Exploring Seeing with J. Krishnamurti

H. D. Thoreau on Perception
Carlos Castaneda on Seeing
Alexander Technique and 'Eyes Free To Go Apart'
Open Focus
The Quest for Alpha
Paul Anderson and Mind/Vision

This website is the culmination and continuation of over 25 years of personal research and study on perception.

This site is dedicated to exploring aspects of seeing and perception that, if applied creatively, could prove helpful in contributing towards a transforming shift in perception to a new, less self-centered way of seeing and being.

I invite you to explore any and all of these topics that interest you. Only the ones that are underlined are currently linked and available. Your patience is appreciated. The other topics listed, but not underlined, should be available in the near future.

I hope you find the information contained on this website helpful in your exploration.

If you would like to respond to any of the information at this site, or know of any other material regarding perception that you think might be of interest, please click on Contact Me above left for my e-mail address.
Thank you,

John Christianson

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